How to reduce the risk of tablet picking and sticking using the Gamlen D series

Authors Michael Gamlen and Dipankar Dey at Gamlen Tableting Limited Summary Poor lubrication results in picking and sticking problems during production. These are one of the most common causes of tablet defects which result in slow running of the tablet press and reduced output. High ejection stress (>5 MPa) is strongly …

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Application studies using the Gamlen D series at an excipient manufacturer’s laboratory

    Key purpose: Formulation screening before transfer to rotary press – saving material. Four studies include:   Correlation of Gamlen D series and Romaco Kilian Pressima Rotary Press Application in formulation development (lubricant optimization) Analysis of SiO2 addition to excipient and testing tablet hardness Analysis of elastic recovery and …

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Dr Michael Gamlen speaks about innovative Gamlen tablet press at ManxBioMed Bio Business Conference 2013

Since then the Gamlen tablet press has been developed into 3 key products:

1. Gamlen M series for small scale tablet manufacturing

Custom small-batch tablet manufacturing with portable benchtop flexibility for your laboratory or manufacturing facility.
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2. Gamlen R series for entry level research and development

Tableting research and development systems for scientists in academia and industry.
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3. Gamlen D Series For Advanced Research And Development

Advanced Tableting Research With Affordable In-Die Dynamic Compaction Analysis For Industry And Academic Professionals.
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Comparison of the tensile fracture stress of ammonium sulfate crystals and tablets

Authors Michael Gamlen Gamlen Tableting Ltd Biocity Nottingham, Pennyfoot Street, Nottingham NG1 1GF, UK J M Newton Dept of Mechanical Engineering, University College London, London, UK P Stanley Wilsmlow, Cheshire, UK Purpose Successful modelling of the compaction properties of a material require a knowledge of both bulk material and tablet …

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Gamlen Tableting partners with HDK Solutions

Gamlen Tableting Limited and HDK Solutions Limited are working together to drive product development of the Gamlen range of Powder Compaction Analyzers. Gamlen Tableting has developed and patented a range of powder compaction analyzers and tablet presses.  Dr Michael Gamlen, Managing Director, Gamlen Tableting, said: “We are pleased to announce …

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