Gamlen Instruments exhibiting at the 2nd European Conference on Pharmaceutics, Krakow, 3-4 April 2017

2nd European Conference on Pharmaceutics logoGamlen Instruments will be exhibiting at the forthcoming 2nd European Conference on Pharmaceutics and presenting a poster entitled “Use of a manufacturability profile to simplify tablet formulation evaluation”.

During the conference, Gamlen Instruments will be demonstrating the Gamlen D series dynamic powder compaction analyzer for advanced tableting research and development. The D series measures compaction force, punch position and ejection force. Using Gamlen Instruments’ unique data capture system, it is now possible to understand what is happening during the compaction process and included software measures plasticity and elasticity for each compaction event.

Gamlen powder compaction analyzers are unique, easy to use, laboratory instruments that measure the compressibility and compactibility of powders. These instruments are used to investigate compaction and lubrication properties of materials; allowing users to see the effect of tablet formulation and process variations prior to manufacturing.

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