GamPette Precision Powder Pipette

For precise, fast and reproducible powder dispensing

Do you need to repeatedly and accurately dispense the same weight of powder? The GamPette powder pipette dispenses powder weights from 10 mg to 10 g accurately and reliably, saving time, money and materials. And now the GamPette HC (high capacity) allows you to dispense powder samples up to 25 g quickly and accurately.

The GamPette is a handheld powder pipette comprising of a dispensing handle and a controller unit. Powder is drawn into the pipette tip in the handle under vacuum and then expelled under light positive pressure. The pipette tip is adjustable to accommodate a range of sample sizes.

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GamPette HC High Capacity

Precise and reproducible

The GamPette dispenses powders reproducibly and with high levels of precision  (50mg +/- 2mg; 150mg +/- 1mg; 1000mg +/- 2.5mg)

No cross contamination

The easy to change, low cost, cellulose filter incorporated into the delivery line of the pipette avoids any risk of cross contamination.


The ergonomic hand piece allows for easy and fatigue free use. It connects to a compact control unit via a flexible vacuum pipe.


Multiple handle sizes can be used with a single GamPette controller unit. These are manually adjustable to cover a wide weight range, providing an economic, versatile powder dispensing system. Custom designed GamPette nozzles and pipette tips can also be supplied to order.

Easy to use

The GamPette is easy to use via a three-position switch (fill – off – dispense) on the hand piece.