Advancing powder compaction analysis
with the new Gamlen D series

Gamlen-D-series-transparentDesigned for advanced tableting research, Gamlen Tableting’s new flagship D series dynamic powder compaction analysers feature dwell time control from 90ms to 60sec. D series analysers are supplied with new ‘in-die’ and ‘out-of-die’ compaction analysis software that generates tablet detachment and ejection data with full profiles including strain data, Heckel and Kawakita plots. An optional add-on, the Tablet Tensile Analyser (TTA), automatically calculates tablet density and solid fraction, and tablet tensile fracture stress.

Michael Gamlen, Managing Director, commented: ‘The D series will change the way scientists characterise materials. The key element of the D series is our unique dynamic compaction analysis software which allows researchers to characterise the elasticity and plasticity of materials at each compaction event, as well as their lubricity and punch detachment behaviour. This is in addition to recording, in real-time, compaction and ejection profiles of an API, excipient, or drug formulation. Researchers will now be able to create a database of material-specific data to support a wide variety of investigations, such as screening for compatible excipients, and enabling accelerated formulation and process development and scale-up to manufacturing.’

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