Gamlen Tablet Press GTP-1
Features and benefits

Parameter  Generates  Benefits Applications 
Easy to use  User can learn within one hour and easily teach colleagues Accessibility Suitable for all levels of personnel with virtually no maintenance
compression force (up to 5kN) and punch
User specified tablet compression force with displacement measurementForce reproducible ±1% Peak force applied.Punch position recorded during compaction.Force/displacement (F-d)profile Unique capability.  No other tablet press has this feature.  Used to derive Heckel/ Kawakita plots Preformulation
Formulation development
QC testing
Small scale product manufacture
Wide range of compaction pressures  Compaction pressures range from 1-700MPa depending on tablet punch size.Punch sizes available 2-15mm Wide range of forces The whole range of consolidation processes can be studied Study of tablet formulations at high compaction pressure. Can also be used for capsule development including tamping and dosator systems


Features Parameter  Generates  Benefits Applications 
Saw tooth compaction profile  Constant punch speed
(up and down) is internationally recognised as a compaction profile standard
Consistent data between sites and laboratories Facilitates comparisons of results. Simplifies use of Gamlen R-series across organisations Facilitates the sharing of data and knowledge
Formulation development Compression profile determination

  • Compactabiliity
  • Tabletability
  • Compressibility

Heckel and Kawakita parameters

Uses small amounts of material Tablets can be made from as little as 10mg of material Information on materials in limited supply.  Cost effective. Minimises waste with little loss of materialFacilitates the identification of Critical Quality Attributes at an early stage of development Preformulation development
Salt selection API compressibility and intrinsic dissolution studies
Features Parameter  Generates  Benefits Applications 
Three modes of operation  Tablet press under force control. Tablet press under displacement control. Tablet hardness tester Generates all the compression information required for tablet QbD Easy changeover – two machines in one! Measurement of tablet fracture stress is simple, reliable and accurate Formulation development
Formulation optimisation
Preparation of excipient compatibility samples
Process evaluation – granule properties, compressibility
Lubricant selection-type, level and blending time
Study of the tablet fracture process  Displacement and force measurement during tablet fracture in diametral compression test Stress/strain curve for tablet.
Tablet tensile strength
Unique capability. No other tablet hardness tester can measure displacement during fracture testing. Used to measure work of fracture The stress/strain curve shows the brittle/plastic nature of the compressed tablet which is an important characteristic
Ejection force and displacement measurement Ejection force and displacement measurements are accurately measured. Ejection profiles with ejection stress calculations are quick and simple to generate. They are also extremely revealing. Can calculate work of ejection. Unique capability.  No other tablet press measures the ejection process at constant strain rate Optimisation of lubricant type, level and blend times for reduction of ejection forces.Study of ejection process, die materials and lubricants
Features Parameter  Generates  Benefits Applications 
Predicts compression behaviour on the rotary tablet press  Extensive studies show that in all cases tested so far, the Gamlen R-series has accurately predicted production machine behaviour for both tablet compaction and ejection Information about formulation compressibility which is relevant to the production situation Data from the Gamlen R-series is relevant to the production situation and can be used to adjust production processes to ensure compliance with product CQAs The compression behaviour of a formulation can be tested prior to running on a production scale, to check for compression or lubrication problems.Can be esed as  a “feed forward” mechanism in QbD
Computer control *  Real time recording of compaction and ejection profiles and data storage in Excel files. Generates a database on formulation properties that can be stored and compared in the future during production or trouble-shooting.  Useful for QbD of formulations Controlled from any laptop/PC running Window Quick and simple to learn and use.
Punch sizes from 2-15mm diameter 2-13mm tablets. Microtablets Easy to change punch and die set- no tools requiredWide range of tablet sizes including microtablets and Oral Dissolving Tablets (ODTs) Flexibility Manufacture of materials for Phase 1 and preclinical testing
Repeat compaction feature Any number of repeat compactions can be made. Repeat compaction profiles Understanding of material behaviour Material characterisationPrecompression studies


Parameter Generates Benefits Applications
Controlled environment Tableting can take place under constant temperature, humidity and anoxic conditions Information material behaviour Tests effects of temperature and humidity control ±1% accuracy. Also effects of oxidation StabilityMaterial behvour
Repeat compaction feature Any number of repeat compactions can be made Repeat compaction profiles Understanding of material behaviour Material characterisationPrecompression studies
Multilayer tableting Precise force control of individual layers Creates multilayer tablets for investigation of layer properties Sophisticated drug delivery platforms. Separation of incompatible API’s. Can also create dry coated tablets Unique capability. Any force combination can be used for the multilayer tablets
Lightweight Only 20kg in weight Comes with flight case Suitable for  bench top spaces Easily portable
Unlimited RTB warranty for a nominal sum Customer satisfaction Guaranteed availability of equipment Peace of mind!

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