Gamlen Tablet Press GTP-1 now being used for teaching and research at the University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague

The University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague, is now using the Gamlen Tablet Press GTP-1 for both tablet compression research and undergraduate teaching.

Dr Petr Zámostný

Dr Petr Zámostný, Associate Professor, Department of Organic Technology, explains how the Gamlen Tablet Press is now being used in current research programmes at the University: “The GTP helps us to speed up tablet compression screening in reformulation projects aimed at replacing the wet granulation by roller compaction and I am looking forward to the GTP-1 helping us in our research project involving the study of glidant action during the secondary compression of dry-granulated product.”

A small machine, with a footprint similar to an A4 sheet of paper, the Gamlen Tablet Press is safe to use and less complex than a full-scale tablet press; properties that are beneficial in an educational environment.

“I find the GTP-1 very useful for teaching undergraduate students the principles of tablet compression because of its easy operation and favourable size for bench-top placement” added Dr Zámostný.U Chem Tech(CZ) -Gamlen GTP-1-on lab bench-laptop

The Gamlen Tablet Press is designed to operate in three easy steps; the user simply weighs the powder into a die using a conventional balance, compresses the tablet and then ejects the finished product ready for use.  Entirely computer-controlled, it works at punch speeds of 1 mm/ second using a V-shape compression wave form.  It can compress from 2 mg to 400 mg of material at punch sizes from 2 mm to 13 mm in diameter depending on the tablet weight.

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