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Gamlen Tableting – empowering scientists from preformulation to manufacturing

Tableting by design is our approach to empowering scientists at every step in the tableting process, from preformulation to manufacturing.

Combining QbD principles with advanced benchtop compaction technology, we design accessible and affordable instruments, so you can create tablets which work by design, not by accident.

Helping you create better tablet products – quickly

To create new and better products you need to study and understand the relationship between drug properties, formulation and manufacturing process under properly controlled laboratory conditions.

Until recently small scale tablet manufacture using ‘controlled compaction force’ had not been possible because of technical limitations based on thickness control and large scale production. This made it difficult to make tablets or evaluate materials under tightly controlled conditions.

Revolutionary Gamlen Tablet Press

Dr Michael Gamlen invented the revolutionary Gamlen Tablet Press to solve this problem. The GTP allows you to make tablets on a small scale, using controlled compaction force and at very low wastage rates, normally less than 1%. This force determines both the physical strength and the dissolution behaviour of the tablet. These are the key properties which ensure the tablet reaches the patient and delivers the drug.

The machine works by monitoring the force in real time using a PLC.  Punch force and punch position are displayed on a computer which is also used to input the compaction conditions. Using the GTP you can make tablets of extraordinary reproducibility and consistency, within

1-2% force variation. Batch yields are >99%.

For the measurement of tablet breaking load, the press records both force and displacement during compression and fracture, and also provides the ejection force profile associated with tablet ejection.

Much more than a tablet press

The GTP is much more than a tablet press. It’s a strategic analysis tool which provides essential information to make informed decisions.

Study results produced on Gamlen Tablet Press are scalable to high speed Fette production press

In the scale-up of tablet production, the GTP can be used to determine the relationship between tablets developed at the benchtop scale using a few grams of material (often at early development stage) and the final tablet manufactured on a rotary tablet press. The latter uses hundreds of kilograms of material, making process development difficult because of practical difficulties in experimentation; smaller and differently-shaped tablets can, however, be scaled to the final desired tablet design if TFS is utilised as the basis for comparison.

If you want better tablet products and processes, then you need the Gamlen Tablet Press.

Gamlen products include:

Gamlen Tablet Press GTP-1
The all-in-one tablet press and powder compaction analyser

A major breakthrough in pharmaceutics teaching and research

Using the GTP, the student can quickly see the difference in the compressibility and lubrication properties of different excipients, processes and formulations. This makes it ideal for teaching and research.

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Gamlen Tablet Press GTP-2
The affordable way to manufacture tablets on a small scale
  • Quick and easy manufacture of small batches of tablets for clinical trial or test use
  • New operating speed 4 mm/s
  • Ideal for research and development and small scale manufacturing and testing
  • Computer controlled for detailed analysis
  • Provides precise data using tiny amounts of material.
Gamlen Powder Compaction Analysis System PCA-500
Dramatically speeds formulation development and process optimisation

Now you can see the effect of formulation and process variations on tablet compaction prior to manufacturing. The PCA-500 allows you to automatically generate tablet tensile fracture stress, compactibility, compressibility and tabletability plots with no user input needed. You can also generate Kawakita and Heckel plots with 1 μm accuracy.

Gamlen Tablet Tensile Analyzer
Simplifies evaluation of tablet samples using automatic measurement of key tablet CQAs

The Tablet Tensile Analyzer has been specially developed to simplify the evaluation of tablet samples made on the Gamlen Tablet Press GTP-1 and Gamlen Powder Compaction Analyzer PCA-500. It is a modified tablet tensile tester combined with a 4-figure analytical balance and electronic micrometer.

Protects operator and offers early analysis and assessment of material properties and behaviour

The GTP-SafeTab is designed for operator protection, particularly for manufacture of small batches of tablets, using GTP, or capsules using GamPette or balance. It can also be used for sample preparation for analytical testing, and small scale processing including blending, milling and compaction in an operator protected environment.

Accurately dispenses powder from 10mg to 10g

Do you need to repeatedly and accurately dispense the same weight of powder? For example hand filling capsules, making tablets using the GTP, weighing analytical standards? The GamPette dispenses repeatable powder weights from 10mg to 10g accurately and reliably, saving time, money and materials. Use the GamPette for fast and accurate powder dispensing.


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