Gamlen Tableting launches new controlled humidity environment system


New GTP-CHE controlled humidity system

Gamlen Tableting Ltd. is pleased to announce the launch of the new GTP-CHE system, the latest addition to the Gamlen tablet press product range.

The GTP-CHE consists of a controlled humidity environment in which the Gamlen Tablet Press (GTP) operates. The new GTP-CHE offers users a unique solution for users wishing to study the effect of humidity on tablet compaction behaviour.

Operating between 10 and 90% humidity, the system uses a proprietary humidity generator combined with a glove box system which holds the GTP.

As with all GTP models, operation requires only as few simple steps; samples are equilibrated in the controlled environment, weighed, compacted using the GTP-1 in compaction mode, and then tested in the GTP-1 fracture mode to determine tablet fracture stress.

The system will be launched at AAPS 2013, the annual meeting of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists to be held in San Antonio, Texas from the 9th to 14th of November, 2013.

Michael Gamlen, Managing Director, Gamlen Tableting Ltd. commented:  “The GTP-CHE model provides a unique and important new functionality for formulation and manufacturing personnel who need to understand the impact of humidity on their formulations and products. The behaviour of many important pharmaceutical materials is humidity-dependent in the normal operating ranges used by the industry. Our new capability will help people to understand these effects in order to tackle or avoid problems in an objective way. I truly believe that the Gamlen Tablet Press can improve the quality control of tableted products.”

The new GTP-CHE builds on the versatility of the GTP-1. Entirely computer controlled, the Gamlen Tablet Press is a portable laboratory machine that can be used for material characterisation, pre-formulation, formulation and process development, QbD for tablets and QC of incoming APIs and excipients. Data generated a machine can be directly translated to the production situation.

Gamlen Tablet Presses have been purchased by UK and international bodies including Actavis UK Ltd., De Montfort University, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), Jordanian Pharmaceutical Company, MIT USA, Monash University Australia and Reckitt Benckiser UK Ltd..

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