Gamlen Tableting host live demonstration and launch event at the Institute of Directors

Gamlen Tableting Limited hosted a live demonstration and launch event at the Institute of Directors, London, on 17th March to unveil the Gamlen Tablet Press.

A truly unique, bench top, computer controlled press, the Gamlen Tablet Press is the definitive solution for low volume material testing and is ideal for the small scale manufacture of clinical trials materials and small volume pharmaceutical tablets under tightly controlled conditions.

Based in Nottingham, Gamlen Tableting Limited is an innovative, new entrant to the pharmaceutical tablet press market. The company received subsidised innovation support under the East Midlands Healthcare and Bioscience iNet’s Innovation Advice and Guidance scheme.

Michael Gamlen, Inventor of the Gamlen Tablet Press commented, “The launch event was a great opportunity to demonstrate this valuable development to a broad audience. It generated considerable excitement offering solutions to a number of difficult technical and manufacturing problems. The ability to control the compression event on a small, portable piece of equipment brings benefits in many different situations.”

Dr Ian Barr, Director, Healthcare and Bioscience iNet said: “We are delighted to have played a part in creating a new, innovative company in the pharmaceutical sector – a sector that is so important for our future prosperity. The event has enabled key prospective buyers to view the Gamlen Tablet Press in action and it will reinforce the perception that the UK is a country where innovation in healthcare and bioscience thrives.”

The press has a wide variety of applications including:

  • Production of small batches of tablets for clinical trials materials, as specials, or for sale
  • Compressibility studies for product development or quality control purposes
  • Micro-tablet manufacture
  • Quality control

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