Gamlen Tableting demonstrates unique Gamlen Tablet Press at the Pharmsci 2011 conference

Gamlen Tableting Ltd will be demonstrating the benefits and applications of the Gamlen Tablet Press at the PharmSci 2011 conference in Nottingham from the 31st August to 2nd September 2011.

Organised by the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences, the PharmSci 2011 Conference will be showcasing the best of pharmaceutical science from the UK and around the world.

The innovative Gamlen Tablet Press is a small scale, purpose built, computer controlled, bench top tablet press. Ideal for the manufacture of test product batches, pre-formulation samples, formulation comparisons, pre-clinical materials and Phase 1 CTM, the Gamlen Tablet Press offers users a unique solution for small scale batch tableting.

The Gamlen Tablet Press is both portable and straightforward to use and operates in three easy steps; the user simply weighs the powder into a die using a conventional balance, compresses the tablet and then ejects the finished product ready for use.

Entirely computer controlled, the Gamlen Tablet Press works at punch speeds of 0.1mm/second using a V-shape compression wave form. It can compress from 2-400mg of material, at punch sizes from 2-13mm in diameter, depending on the tablet weight required. The compression load is pre-set and reproducible ±1% between compressions.

Gamlen Tableting Ltd is exhibiting at the PharmSci 2011 conference, East Midlands Conference Centre, Nottingham, from the 31st August to 2nd September 2011.

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