Gamlen Tableting shortlisted for Medilink East Midlands business award

Medilink East Midlands has announced it’s Business Awards Shortlist for 2011 and Gamlen Tableting Ltd has been selected as a finalist, in the Innovation Award category, at the Innovation Day Awards Dinner to be held on the 11th May.

Gamlen Tableting Ltd’s shortlisted entry is for the Gamlen Tableting Press, the world’s first bench top, computer controlled tablet machine, and the owner and developer, Dr Michael Gamlen, would see winning the award as recognition of the many years of hard work to bring the product to market.

This unique bench top, computer controlled tablet machine (patent applied for) offers almost unlimited applications in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as potential in markets such as the nuclear, medical diagnostics, ceramics and nanomolecular industries. Its true value lies in its ability to make a compact under very tightly controlled conditions at a specified compaction pressure or thickness, a process that normally requires a large machine costing hundreds of thousands of pounds.

It can also be used to study repeated compaction events on the same sample, a unique capability on small scale equipment. The high degree of control produces tablets with better uniformity than is possible using a conventional tablet press. The machine can be used to make small tablets and evaluate very small amounts of material (as little as 10mg) making it specifically relevant for micro-tableting requirements.

The Press can also be used to make multilayered tablets with the compression force for each layer being controlled independently. This facilitates the direct study of the effect of composition on layer binding properties, which is extremely difficult to do using conventional equipment.

The launch of the Gamlen Tablet Press comes off the back of Dr Michael Gamlen’s 35 years experience in tableting, but also with various support from external sources. Commenting on this Dr Michael Gamlen said: “Without the financial backing, in the form of innovation support funding, from the Bioscience iNet and the help and support from Medilink East Midlands and UK Trade and Investment, the potential for the Gamlen Tablet Press may not have been realised, so for this I am very grateful”.

Asked to comment on what it would mean to the business if the Gamlen Tableting Press secured the winning vote in the final, he added: “I see this potential award as a springboard for the product and a platform from which we could exploit its great potential in the UK and global pharmaceutical markets. I truly believe that the Gamlen Tablet Press can shorten pharmaceutical development life cycle times, and improve quality control of tableted products. Every pharmaceutical company in the world which develops or manufactures tablets would benefit from using them”.

To sum up why the Gamlen Tablet Press should win the prestigious award in May he concluded: “Because it is an example of great British engineering that could make a major difference in the tableting world”.

The awards will be held on the 11th May at the East Midlands Conference Centre, Nottingham. Winners will be voted by the delegates at the Innovation Day Award Dinner.

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