Gamlen controlled humidity environment Protects operator and offers early analysis and assessment of material properties and behavior

See the effect of tablet formulation and process variations prior to manufacturing

Many materials including biologicals, effervescent products, and drugs, are sensitive to moisture and cannot be handled in normal laboratory conditions. Formulation and manufacturing professionals need to study and understand the impact of humidity on formulations in a controlled humidity environment.

The Gamlen controlled humidity environment controls the environment down to humidities of 5% or less. Using the Gamlen controlled humidity environment you can dry granulate, mill, compact and pack tablets all under low humidity and without risk to your moisture sensitive materials.

The Gamlen controlled humidity environment is ideal for material characterisation, pre-formulation, formulation and process development, QbD for tablets and QC of incoming APIs and excipients.

Key features

  • Operates between 5 and 90% humidity
  • Uses proprietary humidity generator combined with glove box system which holds the Gamlen R and D series system
  • Operation requires only a few simple steps; samples are equilibrated in the controlled environment, weighed, compacted using the Gamlen R or D series in compaction mode, then tested in the Gamlen R or D series fracture mode to determine tablet fracture stress.

Simple operation

  • Gamlen controlled humidity environment builds on versatility of Gamlen R and D series
  • Entirely computer controlled
  • Portable benchtop system
  • Data generated on machine can be directly translated to production situation

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