Gamlen M series – Manufacturing system Custom small-batch tablet manufacturing with portable benchtop flexibility for your laboratory or manufacturing facility

Create, test and manufacture from your laboratory benchtop

Helping you make better tablets…

  • Plug in and go
  • Works straight out of the box
  • No training required
  • Push-button control panel
  • Tablet quality controlled on each tablet by control of compaction force and tablet weight
  • Manufacturing losses minimal (<1%)
  • Suitable for use in a protected and controlled
  • GMP environment (eg isolator)
  • Output 100-180 tablets per hour
  • Compression mix dispensed using GamPette (included with machine)
  • Two speed options: 1 mm/s and 4 mm/s

Your quick route to manufacturing small batches of tablets under tightly controlled conditions

Unique benefits include:

  • Quick and easy to use with tiny amounts of material
  • Improves tablet manufacturing process
  • Very low wastage rates, normally less than 1%
  • Being able to check product quality prior to putting batches onto production presses
  • Cheaper than compaction force simulator
  • Can be used in controlled humidity environment
  • Saves time, money and materials

Using the Gamlen M series you’ll be able to:

  • Quickly compare formulations
  • Test small quantities of material down to 10 mg
  • Manufacture preclinical and phase 1 product
  • Ideal for investigating tableting problems


  • Manufacture of test product batches
  • Formulation comparisons
  • Excipient compatibility samples
  • Manufacture of phase one clinical trials material

Quick and easy to operate

The Gamlen M series offers a quick route to the manufacture of small batches of tablets under tightly controlled conditions.

Sample powders (we recommend using the GamPette – accuracy ±2% or better for most materials).


  1. Manufacturing rate approximately 100-180 tablets per hour.
  2. The product can be manufactured under completely controlled compaction conditions including compaction rate and compaction force (all tablets) and temperature and humidity (when used with glove box).
  3. Doses as low as 10 mg, lower in some cases.
  4. Product yield essentially 100% – NO LOSS of valuable or scarce products.
  5. Fracture measurement- the press can change mode to hardness tester to measure tablet tensile strength.

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