Gamlen SafeTab Protects operator and offers early analysis and assessment of material properties and behaviour – saving you time and money

Some materials need handling in a laboratory which doesn’t have adequate operator protection built in (such as a fume cupboard) or equipment is unsuitable for use in a fume cupboard.
The Gamlen SafeTab is designed for operator protection, particularly for manufacture of small batches of tablets, using Gamlen instrument series, or capsules using GamPette or balance. It can also be used for sample preparation for analytical testing, and small scale processing including blending, milling and compaction in an operator-protected environment.

Create new and better products using the Gamlen SafeTab

You can discover even more about your tablets compaction, compression, ejection force, hardness, lubricity, tensile fracture stress and humidity effects.

Gamlen SafeTab offers:

  • Operator protection
  • Early analysis and assessment of material properties and behaviour
  • Quick and easy use
  • Savings of time and money
  • Unique information
  • Simulation of rotary tablet presses
  • Needing only tiny amounts of material
  • Waste reduction

Gamlen SafeTab Plus (with controlled humidity environment)

Now you can dry-granulate, mill, compact and pack tablets all under low humidity and without risk to your moisture-sensitive materials

Many materials including biologicals, effervescent products and drugs, are sensitive to moisture and cannot be handled in normal laboratory conditions. Formulation and manufacturing professionals need to study and understand the impact of humidity on formulations in a controlled humidity environment.

The controlled humidity environment operates across a wide humidity range. Using the Gamlen SafeTab Plus you can dry granulate, mill, compact and pack tablets all under low humidity and without risk to your moisture sensitive materials.

The Gamlen SafeTab Plus is ideal for material characterisation, pre-formulation, formulation and process development, QbD for tablets and QC of incoming APIs and excipients.

Key features

  • Operates across a wide humidity range
  • Uses proprietary humidity generator combined with glovebox system which holds the Gamlen instrument series
  • Operation requires only a few simple steps; samples are equilibrated in the controlled environment, weighed, compacted using the Gamlen instrument series in compaction mode, and then tested in fracture mode to determine tablet fracture stress.

Simple operation

  • Gamlen SafeTab Plus builds on capability of the Gamlen instrument series
  • Portable benchtop system
  • Data generated on machine can be directly translated to production situation

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