GamPette Accurately dispenses powder from 10mg to 10g over and over again

Do you need to repeatedly and accurately dispense the same weight of powder? For example hand filling capsules, making tablets using the Gamlen D Series PCA, weighing analytical standards? The Gampette dispenses repeatable powder weights from 10mg to 10g accurately and reliably, saving time, money and materials. Use the Gampette for fast and accurate powder dispensing.

The GamPette is a hand held powder pipette that accurately dispenses solids, comprising a dispensing handle and a controller unit. Tip sizes are available to accommodate a wide range of powder volumes. Powder is drawn into the pipette tip in the handle under vacuum and then expelled under light positive pressure.

Precise and reproducible

GamPette is precise and reproducible with precision being maintained by the removal of the excess powder from the bottom of the tip after aspiration (50mg +/- 2mg; 150mg +/- 1mg; 1000mg +/- 2.5mg)

No cross contamination

A rapidly exchangeable, low cost, cellulose filter is incorporated in the delivery line of the pipette, to avoid any risk of cross contamination.


The ergonomically designed hand piece allows easy and fatigue free filling of vessels. The hand piece is run from a compact control unit connected via a flexible vacuum pipe.


Multiple handle sizes can be used with a single GamPette controller unit to cover a wide dispense weight range, providing an economic, versatile powder dispensing system for your laboratory. Custom designed GamPette nozzles and PickFix tips can also be supplied to order.

Easy to use

The GamPette is easy to use via a three-position switch
(fill – off – dispense) on the hand piece.

GamPette – manually adjustable pipette

Manually adjustable variable mass/volume powder dispenser, comprising controller unit, mains cable, instructions, plus a choice of 3 standard pipette handles

GamPette range

04-1000 GamPette Standard range

04-1001 GamPette Controller Unit for all pipette bodies

04-1002 GamPette ultra-micro pipette handle with nozzle 5 – 59μl,
OD = 3.5mm, ID= 2.5mm, with 20 filters and filter insertion tool

04-1003 GamPette micro-pipette handle with nozzle 25 – 295μl,
OD = 6mm, ID = 5mm, with 20 filters and filter insertion tool

04-1004 GamPette medium pipette handle with nozzle 40 – 565μl,
OD = 7mm, ID = 6mm, with 20 filters and filter insertion tool

04-1005 GamPette large pipette handle with nozzle 45 – 770μl,
OD = 8.5mm, ID = 7mm, with 20 filters and filter insertion tool

04-1006 GamPette custom pipette body, nozzle
OD/ID to be specified, with 20 filters and filter insertion tool

04-1101 Filters for GamPette Standard ultra-micro, micro & medium bodies,
OD 3.5mm x 7mm, Qty 50 pcs

04-1102 Filters for GamPette Standard large pipette body,
OD 7mm x 10mm, Qty 50 pcs

04-1103 GamPette compressed-air cleaning station

04-2000 GamPette HC range

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