Learn the two key methodologies that can help you better assess the tabletability of pharmaceutical powder formulations

Article published by Tablets & Capsules May 2016

Authors: Joe Domingue, SciMark International and Michael Gamlen, Gamlen Tableting


Scientists tasked with formulating and manufacturing robust yet effective tablets face many challenges.

These include:

Optimizing tablets during early stages of development when access to affordable and easy-to-use tools is limited

Identification of critical quality attributes (CQAs)

Characterization of the suitability and batch-to-batch tolerances of key excipients

Accessing API-excipient and excipient-excipient compatibilities

Determining critical process parameters


This article highlights a comprehensive tablet exam protocol that combines dynamic powder compactions analysis with tensile fracture stress measurement of the resulting tablet.

Together these measurements provide a fast, affordable and highly predictive measurement of the ultimate tabletablity of a pharmaceutical powder formulation.

They also provide unique real-time insights into the compaction process.

Download full article: Tablet analysis – Tablet exam: using dynamic compaction analysis to ensure successful formulations (Scroll down to case studies on download page)

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