Meet the Gamlen team


Dr Michael Gamlen, founder and chief executive

Michael is a graduate with first class honours in pharmacy (specialising in pharmaceutical engineering) of Sunderland University and has a PhD from Nottingham University. At Nottingham he trained with Professor JM Newton, one of the UK’s leading tableting researchers and the first person to use tensile fracture stress measurements to evaluate tablets.

Michael spent a year at Beechams Pharmaceuticals working on a completely novel technique to instrument a rotary tablet press. He then joined Wellcome Foundation, where for 14 years he was responsible for development of all tablet formulations including hundreds of clinical trial formulations as well as licensed products (of which many are still on the market). Since then he has formed a consulting business and is the founder and chief executive of Gamlen Tableting Limited.

Dr Serena Schiano, R&D manager

Joining Gamlen Instruments in 2017, Serena’s research background is in material characterisation and compaction; specifically using Drucker-Prager Cap plasticity models (DPC) for the analysis of compaction of pharmaceutical powders.

Having studied physical chemistry and organic chemistry at the University of Naples Federico II, Serena completed her PhD and Post-doc in Chemical and Process Engineering at the University of Surrey.

A researcher in the IPROCOM network, a multidisciplinary and inter-sectoral consortium whose goal is to address scientific and technology challenges in the manufacture of particulate products, Serena has presented at a number of international conferences and was awarded first prize for her presentation at the Compaction Simulation Forum in Copenhagen (2015).

Based at our London laboratories, Serena drives forward product development at Gamlen Instruments through scientific discovery.

Henry Kafeman, data analysis/visualisation, product development
and software engineering

Henry has over 30 years of experience working in many engineering disciplines and has proved to be an invaluable asset. He set up his independent engineering consultancy HDK Solutions Ltd in 2008.

His ability to combine creative thinking with engineering excellence has resulted in a significant contribution to product development. His innovations include the unique patented rotating die for the Gamlen D series, which measures detachment force.

Henry earned his MA in engineering at Queens’ College, University of Cambridge.
His experience includes software engineering (support and troubleshooting as well as development), data analysis and visualisation. electronics/PCB design and simulation, embedded systems, databases, wireless communication, mechanical engineering and pneumatics.

Other Gamlen projects include:

  • Analysing and visualising Gamlen series data using Microsoft SQL Server (relational database), MathWorks Matlab, Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel.
  • Measures of manufacturability (tabletability, compressibility and compactability), strain recovery and characterisation of materials.
  • Streamlining software user interface for the Gamlen series and Tablet Tensile Analyser (TTA).
  • Tablet tensile analyser to minimise operator input (and hence potential errors) and to guide operation of the instruments based on the experimental protocol selected.
  • Environmental control for the Gamlen series operation.
  • An upgraded version of the GamPette powder pipette.

Anthony Clayden, head of finance

Anthony joined the advisory team in January 2014 and provides a strategic finance director advisory service to Gamlen Tableting Limited. He is a natural sciences graduate of Durham University and a qualified chartered accountant since 1994.

Anthony has worked in a full-time or portfolio finance director capacity for over 14 years with 20 companies from owner managed businesses through to AIM quoted companies. They have ranged from pre-revenue R and D businesses to multi-million pound services groups and covered a wide variety of industries. He focuses on unlocking the high growth potential of businesses.

Prior to becoming a finance director, he worked in corporate finance for 5 years with PwC and KPMG.


Chi-ChiChi Chi Oparaeche, laboratory manager

Chi Chi joined Gamlen Tableting in 2013. Her area of expertise is in the compaction and analysis of pharmaceutical excipients used in drug formulation. Based at our London laboratories, Chi Chi is Gamlen Tableting’s in-house specialist in using the Gamlen tablet press (Gamlen R series) and powder compaction analyser (PCA) for materials characterisation. Together with the laboratory team, Chi Chi oversees a range of Gamlen Tableting services including: sample testing, compaction studies of the behaviour of pharmaceutical materials, pre and post drug development and many more.

Chi Chi studied pharmacology at University College London and she is currently completing a PhD at the University of Greenwich in materials characterisation.

Gamlen Tableting distributors
North America (USA, Canada and Mexico)


Joe Domingue, president/CEO of SciMark International

Joe has spent over 30 years in the scientific instrumentation industry spanning numerous roles including R&D chemist (Beckman Instruments), regional sales manager, product manager & director of marketing (Cahn Instruments), and independent sales & marketing consultant (SciMark International) establishing a market for Surface Measurement Systems’ novel physico-chemical characterization instruments primarily within the pharmaceutical R&D community in North America.

A graduate of the University of California, San Diego with a bachelors degree in chemistry, Joe subsequently earned an MBA from the University of California, Irvine. As product manager for Cahn Instruments, Joe was principally responsible for the worldwide introduction of the unique and highly-successful dynamic contact angle (DCA) family of instruments, and later established the North American market for Surface Measurement Systems’ successful DVS (dynamic vapor sorption) and iGC (inverse gas chromatography) instrument systems.



andrew-grahamAndrew Graham

Andrew has over 30 years of experience in the promotion and development of new technologies and products for industry and academia. In 2011, he started ATG (Aspiring To Grow) Scientific to assist specialist manufacturers of laboratory equipment generate new markets and business opportunities for innovative products with a particular focus on analytical, biochemical and materials science related applications.

Andrew has a BSc honours degree in metallurgy/materials science from Brunel University, West London. He is also a qualified chartered engineer and a member of both the Institute of Materials and Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

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