New GamTech video series launched

GamTech video iconGamlen Tableting has launched a new series of GamTech videos entitled “Tablet development made easy”.

Accessible through the Gamlen Tableting website, the series will discuss the key principles of tableting, how to address common tableting issues and how to investigate the compaction process.

Michael Gamlen, Gamlen Tableting, explains: “The first episode in the GamTech series explores the topic of investigating tablet problems. It is a short audio visual feature explaining that it is easier to understand tablet properties if you compress a series of tablets to different forces under controlled conditions. This allows you to see the effect of compaction on tablet properties such as manufacturability and dissolution.”

There are three key parameters required to characterise a compacted material; compaction pressure, tensile strength and solid fraction. Episode two in the GamTech series explores how these parameters interact in the compaction triangle.

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