Positive response at Interphex for Team “Gamlen Tableting” Booth 3165

At the Interphex 2014 held in New York last week, Gamlen Tableting Ltd experienced high number of leads which was described to be of high quality. Gamlen Tableting Ltd recorded more than 89 Leads of which proves that Gamlen Tablet Press (GTP-1) and it’s application to Measuring tablet properties is very essential to present day Manufacturing, Research and Development of new drugs. This is achieved because the  data generated from the GTP-1 is accurate,  quick to produce and can be easily interpreted. The GTP-1 is easy to use and detailed analysis of your samples can be done using small quantities of material which definitely saves you money.

We take pride in our unique way of evaluation and provide our clients with detailed information for their samples and save you time.

We at Gamlen Tableting Ltd would like to thank everyone who popped in to make our time at the Interphex very interesting. Keep checking for new applications of the GTP-1 as we are currently updating its benefits.


ChiChi in the GTP promotional stand

Chi chi at Interphex 2014 booth 3165.

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