Safety by Design for Cytotoxic testing – announcing the new GTP-SafeTab™

Gamlen Tableting Ltd. will be launching the GTP-SafeTab™ at AAPS 2014. The GTP-SafeTab™ incorporates an innovative containment solution to enable the use of a Gamlen Tablet Press with cytotoxic and other highly-potent APIs.

Gamlen Tablet Press GTP-SafeTabWith space to enable the operator to use a Gamlen Tablet Press along with other equipment, the GTP-SafeTab™ system is a completely self-contained environment designed precisely for cytotoxic work.

Michael Gamlen, Managing Director, explains “When handling biologically reactive materials you must protect the operator. Normally you would use a fume cupboard or a biological cabinet. Gamlen Tableting has developed a HEPA filtered semi-disposable cabinet system that can be used anywhere, providing a flexible and economical alternative to retrofitting containment solutions on existing equipment.”

The Gamlen Tablet Press is ideal for cytotoxic work as it has few components and crevices to entrap material and allows early analysis and assessment of material properties using tiny amounts of material to save time and money and reduce waste.

The GTP-SafeTab™ will be launched at AAPS 2014 in San Diego, 2-6 November at booth #3612. Entirely computer controlled, the GTP is a portable laboratory machine that can be used to discover more about tablets and tableting conditions including: compaction, compression, ejection force, hardness, lubricity, tensile fracture stress and humidity effects.

For further information on the Gamlen SafeTab™, telephone Gamlen Tableting Limited on: +44 (0)115 912 4271 to arrange a demonstration.

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