Small scale tablet manufacture

Helping you make better tablets…

The modern tablet is a complex drug delivery system in which the drug substance is combined with a number of tablet excipients to aid formulation of the desired product; these include bulking agents, binders, lubricants, disintegrants, flow aids and coatings, all of which have some function to aid processing of the drug substance into the end-product.

The excipients and drug substance are processed through a number of unit operations such as mixing, milling, blending, granulation, tableting and often coating to form the final product.

Determining whether a powder will form a good tablet is a complex process because for a material to make a good tablet it requires a number of different attributes which in some ways conflict with each other.

For example it needs to be well lubricated but also easily penetrated by fluid in the gut. It needs to be physically robust but also break down rapidly in the body.

Learn more about how to make a good tablet and avoid common tableting problems

Our in-house laboratory and production facility is equipped to provide reliable and fast small scale non-GMP tablet manufacturing.

We can make tablets for R&D and product development purposes, tablet manufacturability problem solving and for non-human use (eg medical device diagnostics) to the following specification:

  • Tablet size: 1.2-18 mm diameter
  • Tablet capacity: 2-1000 mg
  • Tablet shape: round tablets only

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