Sample Testing Service

Place your compaction analysis order here. Then simply send us your samples and we’ll do the rest! Upon completion, you will receive a report prepared by one of our in-house experts who will be more than happy to discuss the data with you in the context of your project.


USP Chapter <1062> Tablet Compression Characterization defines the key Critical Quality Attributes for manufactured tablets as compressibility, tabletability and compactibility. We measure these parameters for your sample to provide you with useful compaction data. Using our unique powder assessment system, we will help you better understand your APIs, excipients formulations by meeting USP <1062> recommendations.

  • All USP <1062> data
  • Lubrication (detachment and ejection stress profiles)
  • Elastic Recovery
  • Formulation comparisons using Sawai and G-ratio plots

We not only generate data but also provide an in-dept analysis and interpretation of the data and how it relates to your project.

In addition to the data provided by the basic compaction analysis package, this service also provides Heckel, Kawakita, Young’s Modulus and Yield Stress data for your samples. We draw on our extensive pharmaceutical compaction experience to support your use of this data with trouble shooting manufacturing problems, change control projects and formulation development.

Custom Packages

We can supply you with a custom package to suit your specific needs, please fill out our form and we will get back to you shortly.