Strong interest in Gamlen D series at European Pharmaceutics Conference

Gamlen Instruments exhibited at the recent 2nd European Pharmaceutics Conference in Kraków, Poland.

Visitors from across Europe expressed great interest in the D series powder compaction analyzer, attracted by the simplicity of the Gamlen® Manufacturability Assessment.

The Gamlen® Manufacturability Assessment enables users to make a simple assessment of powder properties based on small batches of tablets that are compressed under tightly controlled conditions using the Gamlen® D series Powder Compaction Analyzer.

Download paper: Assessing tablet manufacturability: Measuring and improving tablet quality using compaction measurements

The assessment requires batches of just 15 or 25 tablets to be prepared which are then broken in diametral compression using the Gamlen® Tablet Tensile Analyzer (TTA). The user simply copies the data into the Manufacturability Assessment spreadsheet, which analyses the key manufacturability attributes relating to compaction and lubrication, and automatically produces a report and classification of the powder/tablets.

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