Study shows Gamlen Tablet Press (GTP-1) accurately predicts tablet properties

Earlier this month Powder Technology published an article co-authored by the team at Gamlen Tableting and researchers at GSK UK. The article entitled “compression prediction accuracy from small scale compaction studies to production presses” examines how compaction and ejection force measurement using the revolutionary GTP-1 press at small scale can predict tablet properties on a production scale tablet press.

The article also discusses how small scale compaction studies, utilising the GTP-1, can be used to develop process understanding of pharmaceutical formulations using minimum quantities of material.

In the study the scalability of compatibility (solid fractions vs compaction pressure), tabletability (tensile strength vs compaction pressure) and compactability (tensile strength vs solid fraction) was examined over a range of tablet sizes using both direct compression and wet granulated tablet formulations. In addition, the authors were able to predict compaction problems on a commercial rotary press through the measurement of ejection shear stress data on the GTP-1.

Michael Gamlen commented: “We can now confidently and successfully apply the use of minimal quantities of material on a GTP-1 to manufacturing on a commercial rotary press which has the potential to significantly reduce waste and costs.”

Powder Technology is an International Journal on the Science and Technology of Wet and Dry Particulate Systems.

Download full article: Compression prediction accuracy from small scale compaction studies to production presses
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