ABL&E appointed to represent Gamlen Instruments


Gamlen Instruments has appointed ABL&E as the exclusive distributor for Gamlen Instruments in parts of Central and Eastern Europe. ABL&E is a specialist distributor of pharmaceutical laboratory equipment focused on pharmaceutical testing, medicinal chemistry and the life sciences. Based in Hungary, ABL&E has a network of offices and partners that…

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Making better tablets with the Gamlen Dashboard


The Gamlen Dashboard – Real time powder compaction analysis 

The Gamlen Dashboard offers real-time powder compaction and tablet tensile analysis to expedite the evaluation and characterization of APIs, excipients and solid state formulations for optimal performance and scalability.

Generating live data within minutes, the unique Gamlen Dashboard system displays and interprets compaction data automatically with no user intervention.

Saving extensive calculation and analysis time, the Dashboard requires the manufacture of only 3-5 tablets, therefore also saving and conserving valuable materials whilst generating results that enable decisive action – quickly and simply.

Combining the principles of QbD with advanced benchtop Powder Compaction technology and expert analysis, Gamlen instruments offer unique accessibility, affordability, and ease-of-use.

Gamlen Instruments: New Company Name Reflects Diverse Market Opportunities

We are excited to announce that we are changing our trading name from “Gamlen Tableting” to “Gamlen Instruments”. The change acknowledges our established global presence as a leader in bench-top powder compaction instrumentation. In addition to serving our core pharmaceutical market, Gamlen Instruments has expanded into alternative markets in food,…

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Gamlen Instruments exhibiting at the 2nd European Conference on Pharmaceutics, Krakow, 3-4 April 2017

Gamlen Instruments will be exhibiting at the forthcoming 2nd European Conference on Pharmaceutics and presenting a poster entitled “Use of a manufacturability profile to simplify tablet formulation evaluation”. During the conference, Gamlen Instruments will be demonstrating the Gamlen D series dynamic powder compaction analyzer for advanced tableting research and development. The D…

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