Predicting effects of punch shapes on tableting failure using a multi-functional single-punch tablet press

Authors Takashi Osamuraa,b Yoshiko Takeuchia Risako Onoderaa Masahiro Kitamurab Yoshiteru Takahashib Kohei Taharaa Hirofumi Takeuchia* a Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Engineering, Gifu Pharmaceutical University, 1-25-4 Daigaku-Nishi, Gifu 501-1196, Japan b Pharmaceutical Technology Department, Sawai Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, 12-34, Hiroshibacho, Suita-Shi, Osaka 564-0052, Japan Summary We previously determined “Tableting properties” by using…

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Development of orodispersible minitablets with lorazepam using Gamlen R series (formerly Gamlen Tablet Press GTP-1)

by Hanna Kotłowska and Małgorzata Sznitowska Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, Medical University of Gdańsk, Al. Hallera 107, 80-416 Gdańsk, Poland Introduction Lorazepam is commonly used for sedation in pediatric and neonatal intensive care units and in the treatment of status epilepticus. However, for children under 12 years of age, injection…

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GamTech video series – What is the compaction triangle?

This video explains how the relationships between compaction pressure, tensile strength and solid fraction are studied using the compaction triangle.

Tablet hardness, or breaking strength, is an important and widely used parameter to control the tablet manufacturing process. In many cases it is used as a surrogate measure for compression force during manufacture, particularly if the tablet press is unable to measure compression force.

It is an important control parameter because compression affects every tablet property including disintegration, dissolution and friability. In some cases stability is also affected.

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