The Gamlen Tablet Press presses on as sales rise – May 2012

Gamlen Tableting Ltd. reports encouraging sales and interest in its Gamlen Tablet Press as companies and organisations look to reap the benefits of having a small scale, table production capability in-house.

The Gamlen Tablet Press, a portable, bench top machine offers users a unique solution for small scale batch tableting and has recently been purchased by UK and international bodies including Actavis UK Ltd, De Montfort University, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), Jordanian Pharmaceutical Company, MIT USA, Monash University Australia and Reckitt Benckiser UK Ltd.  Ideal for the manufacture of test product batches, pre-formulation samples, formulation comparisons, pre-clinical materials and Phase 1 CTM, recent advancements to the Gamlen Tablet Press also enable users to measure the ejection force as well as force of compaction.  Technical improvements have been made that ensure tablet production on the Gamlen Tablet Press is now comparable to that of full scale production.

Speaking out on the role the Gamlen Tablet Press is playing for her, customer Kirsty Hill, Materials Scientist within GSK Global Manufacturing and Supply says:  “We purchased our Gamlen Tablet Press this year and it is proving useful to have a small scale, portable compaction machine which is easy to use.  So far we have looked at a number of materials studying rise times and compression profiles.  We have gained some insight related to tablet microstructure studies and performance under in vitro testing, and the tablets produced have shown to be comparable to those manufactured at full scale.”

Dipankar Dey Technical Manager from Gamlen Tableting comments: “‘We are excited to announce a new capability of the GTP-1 in providing compaction analysis of formulations using either Heckel or Kawakita plots. Precise measurement of punch displacement on the GTP-1 has now enabled us to provide this as an additional option to the R&D machine.” Dipankar continues: “Heckel/ Kawakita plots characterise the precise compressibility characteristics of formulations including the prediction of tablet strength. Therefore realistic comparison of formulations with regards to their tableting quality can be made. In addition we also offer compaction analysis as a new service from Gamlen Tableting Ltd.”

On show at Interphex, Tokyo Big Sight, Japan this June (27th – 29th), Michael Gamlen, Proprietor of Gamlen Tableting Ltd. and inventor of the Gamlen Tablet Press hopes increased presence in front of potential key customers will further drive the sales success to date.  Commenting on the developments, Michael Gamlen said:  “It’s true value lies with its ability to make a compact under very tightly controlled conditions at a specified compaction pressure or thickness.  A process that traditionally required a large machine costing hundreds of thousands of pounds. Sales have escalated in the first quarter of 2012 and the companies purchasing the press are really seeing the intrinsic and tangible benefits of having an in-house, small scale tableting capability.  The growth in sales we are experiencing, combined with the current interest in the machine are all encouraging signs for the rest of the year”.

Simple and straightforward to use, the Gamlen Tablet Press is designed to operate in three easy steps; the user simply weighs the powder into a die using a conventional balance, compresses the tablet at a specified force and then ejects the finished product ready for use.  Entirely computer controlled, it works at punch speeds of 0.1mm/ second using a V-shape compression wave form.  It can compress from 2-400mg of material at punch sizes from 2-13mm in diameter depending on the tablet weight required.  The compression load is pre-set and reproducible ±1% between compressions.

The Gamlen Tablet Press offers almost unlimited applications in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as potential markets including nuclear, medical diagnostics, ceramics and nanomolecular industries.

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