Think what it would mean if you could test your tablet materials and know:

1. Your formulation works
2. Your material is the same quality as previous batches


Small scale tablet manufacture

We’re launching a new laboratory tablet testing service to help you predict and avoid manufacturing problems such as over-compaction, capping and sticking.

This will speed up your manufacturing process, reduce material costs and save you time and money. The service is ideal for manufacturers of generic products and vitamin supplements.

Two levels of material testing will be provided:

1. Gamlen Manufacturability Assessment

You send us your material samples and we will make a simple assessment of powder properties based on small batches of tablets compressed under tightly controlled conditions using the Gamlen D series Powder Compaction Analyzer. The results will be compiled into a report and emailed to you.

2. Advanced Manufacturability Assessment

The advanced service offers all of the above plus a detailed analysis of powder properties including Heckel and Kawaikita plots.


Please register your interest and we’ll inform you of the launch date


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