University of Gdansk reviews using the Gamlen Tablet Press to analyse mini-tablets

The Department of Applied Pharmacy, Medical University of Gdansk, Poland, has recently published a review of the Gamlen Tablet Press. Researchers led by Professor Margaret Sznitowska are using the GTP-1 to analyse and understand the relationship between properties of materials and process conditions when manufacturing mini-tablets.

GTP in use at the University of Gdansk

GTP in use at the University of Gdansk

Published in Świat Przemysłu Farmaceutycznego (The World of the Pharmaceutical Industry), the article recommends that the Gamlen Tablet Press is ideal for conducting formulation research as well as being an excellent teaching tool. The GTP-1 enables the user to easily introduce variations in compressibility or formulation and measure the impact on product quality.

The team at MUG conducted a study comparing direct compaction of powders containing Loratidine and established that the Gamlen Tablet Press quickly provides information about the quality of material from different suppliers – whilst using less than 1g of material.

Professor Sznitowska commented: “The GTP allows you to understand the relationship between the properties of substances, the composition of a formulation and the manufacturing process. Another useful GTP-1 feature is that the press allows determination of tablet hardness across a range of sizes. With this information, the production process can be optimised easily and faster whilst using only small amounts of material.”

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