Simplify tablet formulation evaluation with a manufacturability profile

by Michael Gamlen
Gamlen Tableting Ltd, Biocity Nottingham, Pennyfoot Street, Nottingham NG1 1GF


Development of a manufacturability protocol for laboratory use is an important process of developing tablet formulations and managing tablet quality. The manufacturability protocol developed for use on a simple laboratory instrument can be used throughout the lifecycle of the product from research to manufacturing, and generates key data to ensure quality on an ongoing basis.


To measure the properties of materials intended for compression requires a suitable instrument. In the past this has been done using an instrumented tablet press or a compaction simulator. We have developed a benchtop powder compaction analyser which enables the user to fully characterise a material quickly and easily and using a small amount of material to establish its Critical Quality Attributes on compaction.

Download full case study: Use of a manufacturability profile to simplify tablet formulation evaluation
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