For targeted tablet formulation development

The Sawai plot is the ejection stress vs tabletability profile of a forumlation. It first proposed by T. Osamura working for Sawai Chemicals.1 It allows you to easily compare and evaluate materials and provides an ideal target for the compaction properties of a formulation. For formulation studies, it is a simple and effective method of visualising and evaluating the effect of various changes a formulation.


  1. Good compaction behaviour, tablets are of acceptable hardness (high tensile strength) and defects are not expected as the formulation is adequately lubricated (low ejection stress values)
  2. Tablets are too weak, the tensile strength values are too low but the formulation is adequately lubricated a
  3. The formulation is poorly lubricated resulting in high ejection stress values but the tablets have achieved acceptable hardness
  4.  Tablet defects and poor tablet hardness expected due to high ejection stress  and low tensile strength values
Sawai Plot Graph showcasing ejection force and tablet strength


The Gamlen Dashboard software automatically generates ejection stress vs. tabletability profiles from your compaction data. Using a Gamlen Compaction Analyzer you can now compare and evaluate your APIs, excipients and formulations in minutes saving time, money and material.

Ejection Stress Vs Tabeletability Profile Graph
Software Graphs Key - showing good in green, borderline in yellow and poor in red


  1. Osamura et al., Formulation design of granules prepared by wet granulation method using a multi-functional single-punch tablet press to avoid tableting failures. Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 13, 113-119 (2018)