Gamlen Tablet Tensile Analyzer Simplifies evaluation of tablet samples using automatic measurement of key tablet CQAs directly to your computer

Gamlen Tablet Tensile Analyzer

The Tablet Tensile Analyzer has been specially developed to simplify the evaluation of tablet samples made on the Gamlen D series. It is a modified tablet tensile tester combined with an electronic micrometer and optional 4-figure analytical balance.

Tablet fracture is performed at slow speed to generate true tensile fracture stress measurements.
The computer control system captures all data and presents it in a spreadsheet for automatic analysis.

Tablet measurements

  • Weight
  • Thickness
  • Diameter
  • Breaking strength

Calculated values

  • Tablet density
  • Tablet tensile fracture stress
  • Solid fraction
  • G ratio

The system produces plots of tablet solid fraction vs tensile fracture stress (compactibility). When used in conjunction with the Gamlen D series, plots of tabletability (compaction pressure vs tensile strength) and compressibility (compaction force vs solid fraction) are also automatically generated.

When used in combination with the Gamlen R and D series, compactibility, compressibility and tabletablity plots can be generated automatically for use in QC or R&D




Operational Diagram

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