Automatic measurement of key tablet critical quality attributes


  • Simultaneous tablet diameter and tensile fracture strength measurement
  • Slow speed tablet fracture to generate true tensile fracture stress values
  • Quick and easy testing, no training required
  • Suitable for a wide range of tablet shapes and sizes
  • Small benchtop footprint
  • Ideal for controlled or protected environments
  • Facilitates fully automated compaction analysis
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GAMLEN TABLET TENSILE ANALYSER (TTA) - an automatic measurement of key tablet critical quality attributes


The Gamlen TTA is a modified tablet tensile tester. It allows you to simultaneously measure tablet diameter and hardness. We have specially developed  the TTA to simplify the evaluation of tablet samples made using Gamlen D-Series instruments. As such it can be used to easily generate compactibility, compressibility and tabletablity plots for use in QC or R&D.

The Gamlen TTA can also facilitate fully automated compaction analysis. Combine it with the Gamlen Dashboard software to capture, record and analyse data with minimal user input.

Contact us to find out how easy we’ve made automated compaction analysis.