Bespoke testing packages

Testing packages tailored to your company’s needs

In addition to our USP <1062> and complete compaction analysis packages we offer a range of other advanced material testing services. We would be happy discuss to options with you to help you choose the right testing package for your project. Our extensive experience in powder compaction and tableting means we can no only generate data for you but also interpret the results. We will work with you to apply the knowledge gained from our testingĀ  to your tableting processes.

Testing options include:

  • Compaction analysis
  • Lubrication analysis
  • Elastic recovery
  • Kawakita analysis
  • Heckel analysis
  • Friability testing
  • Intrinsic dissolution testing
  • BCS permeability measurements
  • True density by He pycnometry
  • Granulation studies

Custom Packages

We can supply you with a custom package to suit your specific needs, please fill out our form and we will get back to you shortly.