Gamlen services

Using the Gamlen Tablet Press, we’ll develop your formulations using milligrams of material to save you time and money









  • Preformulation studies using very small amounts of material
  • Check effect of compression force on morphic form directly – our tablets can be tested directly by DSC and Raman
  • Formulation development “one tablet at a time” using a fully characterised tablet compression profile, permitting
    very small scale evaluation
  • Products can be directly transferred to small scale manufacturing for preclinical testing in rats, and for use in
    Phase 1 and Phase 2 human studies
  • If required we will manufacture on your site and in compliance with your Quality system

How we work

Formulation work is done on single tablet quantities by hand or using micro equipment. To perform our compression studies, we use the Gamlen Tablet Press machine working at a 1mm/second punch speed and a V-shape compression wave form. We can compress from 5 -200mg of material at punch sizes from 2-6mm, and can generate full force-displacement curves if required.

The compression load is preset and reproducible ± 1% between compressions. The die is manually filled and the machine operates under automatic compression force control.

The tablets created can then be tested on the same instrument for tensile strength using the Fracture Mode. We will then build up a compressibility assesment of the formulations tested enabling choice of formulation suitable for development and manufacturing.

We also provide full analytical capabilities including dissolution testing to USP/BP standards.

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