The Gamlen Dashboard automatically generates all tablet CQA data

Tabletability is the dependence of tablet strength on compaction pressure. We maximise tabletability to produce a robust tablet which will withstand handling.

Compressibility describes how tablet solid fraction changes with compaction pressure. High solid fraction values hinder water penetration reducing dissolution rate.

Compactability is the effect of solid fraction on tablet strength. We have to balance these properties to have strong tablets without over-compaction, which hinders the rate of dissolution.

Excessive elastic recovery causes capping in many products. We can minimise elastic recovery by selecting the right excipients.

Ejection stress is a measure of how well lubricated the formulation. Poor lubrication results in common tablet defects such as picking, sticking and capping.

Detachment force is equivalent to take off force and is related to lubrication. High detachment stress values indicate that the formulation is at risk of picking and sticking problems.

The ejection stress vs tabletability profile provides an ideal target for the compaction behaviour.  It is a simple and effective method of visualising and evaluating the effect of various changes a formulation.

Using the G-ratio simplifies your compaction data and helps you to quickly evaluate and compare different materials/formulations.