1. How to achieve targeted delivery of the poorly soluble active ingredient dipyridamole

Study investigating the controlled release of an enteric minitablet

2. Imperial College London – Gamlen Instruments user group meeting 2017

Imperial College London – Gamlen Instruments user group meeting 2017 Dissolution studies using a Gamlen Instrument

3. User group presentation – University of Chemistry and Technology Prague

The development of secondary porous structures in compressed binary mixtures of particulate solids and how these may explain behaviour during compaction.

4. User group presentation – University of Thessaloniki, Greece

How co-spray dried metformin hydrochoride with polymers improves compaction

5. Comparison of the tensile fracture stress of ammonium sulfate crystals and tablets

Predication of tablet properties based on measured starting material properties would aid tablet formulation development. This was an experiment using ammonium sulfate to determine if there was a relationship between the behaviour of the material crystals and tablets formed of the same material.

6. What you didn’t know about breakage of anisotropic rod-shaped particles

In this study, behaviour of dry granular layers of cylindrical particles under uniaxial compression was studied. The effect of several parameters was investigated: piston speed, layer size (diameter and height), applied pressure. It was found that neither the piston speed nor the layer size were relevant, within the experimental range. The resulting compressibility and PSD were affected mainly by the normal pressure and the way it was applied.