Gaining a deeper understanding of how your powders will behave when compressed is not only valuable knowledge for professionals in the pharmaceutical industry but also those in almost any industry working with powder compaction, including nutraceuticals, confectionary or in this case, powder metallurgy.

Whether you are working with expensive and complex materials that are difficult to handle or evaluating which materials will make better products, this article, published in the December edition of Powder Metallurgy Review, explores how pharmaceutical tablet characterisation methods could potentially benefit the powder metallurgy industry.

Providing insight into a case study designed to measure and understand better metal compaction for cemented carbide tool manufacture, the authors use a Gamlen D-Series powder compaction analyser to evaluate and enhance powder characterisation capabilities of two carbide tool powders. The results demonstrate that the D-Series can clearly distinguish between powders even of the same composition.

“By applying some useful knowledge from the pharmaceutical industry, and equipped with a device like this, we envision that the tableting process and characterisation of powders in Powder Metallurgy could be greatly improved in the future.”

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