Powder Technology

Here at Gamlen we are highlighting some of the fascinating and ground-breaking research that has been carried out by our customers in our Paper of the Month posts.

In this month’s paper the authors have investigated the compression behaviour of a range of anisometric (elongated) particles. Anisometric particles are known to have particular handling, storage and processing behaviours which have not been well studied. Understanding their compression response is key to understanding these behaviours.

Graphical abstract
  • Eight different coarse, anisometric materials were selected for study. These were selected to cover a range of properties including organic and inorganic materials, brittle and ductile materials and real and model materials.
  • Compaction data was generated using a Gamlen Powder Compaction Analyser.
  • The data was fitted using four different compression models; Kawakita, Heckel, Shaprio and Adams.
  • All four models were found to fit the experimental data reasonably well within their range of validity. Comparisons were made with data previously published on non-anisometric powders.


The compaction models investigated were originally developed for fine general powders. Here, the authors concluded that these powder-compaction models are also applicable to coarse, anisometric powders.